Below you will find this week’s Bible story along with links and information to activities to take part in Sunday School at home.

Let’s study God’s word together even though apart.


Sunday School Lesson

God Creates Man

Genesis 1:26-2:4

TWEENS TIME FOR GOD (5th/6th Grade)

The Tweens program, Time for God, will begin September 13th and run through November 18th. As group gatherings are limited to a total of 12, everyone will need to sign up in advance. We are offering two opportunities per week – Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings. Choose the day that works better for you and your tween and visit the SignUp Genius link below to reserve a spot. Wearing masks will be required, temperatures will be taken, and a signed waiver must be completed. We look forward to seeing you!

Reserve Your Spot

Sign Your Waiver

Take Your Temp

Wear Your Mask

Loving and Learning

Below programs are on hold during COVID-19 pandemic.
For more details on how our church is responding to this,


Information Coming Soon for 2020-2021 Class
Confirmation Room – 261
6th graders only

During confirmation we learn about following Jesus, how our ancestors followed Him, the beginning of the church, the beginning of Methodism and the way we can follow Jesus today.  At the end of this journey, those who wish may official join the church.

Our confirmation class is composed of sixth graders only.

SUNDAY SCHOOL (Temporarily On Hold)

5th and 6th graders
Sundays, 10:00 am
Tween Room 266

SHINE 2019!

Tween Ministry Staff

Sonia Crutchfield

Director of Tween Ministries

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