Who are we?

Our church formed a military committee in 2010. Since the committee’s inception, our church has sent several care packages and welcome home gifts to those serving overseas. Our ultimate goal to have a group focused on sharing Christ’s love through our prayers for their

  • safe return home
  • courage in the face of turmoil
  • strength in periods of difficulty

We have been sending cards to remind our military personnel that they are not forgotten, that their service is being recognized, and that we are truly grateful for their sacrifices.

It is our hope that through these actions, our military will be reminded of Jesus’s love for them and will feel His guiding presence in their lives.

Military Care Packages

We send military care packages, which include a note, helpful personal hygiene items, and some tasty treats, to currently deployed service members several times a year. We aim for these deliveries to be received near holidays such as Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Christmas, to show these men and women that they are appreciated and prayed for during their service.

Do you know someone who is currently serving overseas in the military?

We would love to help provide long-term care in the form of prayers and basic items of necessity for them and their families during their deployment. Please submit currently-deployed service member names and addresses to the contacts below. This will allow us to minister to them and their families throughout the year.

Gene Burnett:
Ryan Deaton: