Job Type:                     Full-time, salaried position

Work Hours:                40

Supervisor:                  Senior Pastor

Job Summary:

The Associate Director is responsible for collaborating with the directors of the Worship Arts and Technical departments to plan, direct, and execute these ministries within the church. This position assists with recruiting and training volunteers, conducts music ensembles when applicable, and designs and implements technical aspects of services and special events depending upon his/her training and skill set. 

Job Duties:

  1. Collaborates with the Worship Arts Director and the music board in the administration, coordination, and development of the worship arts program.
  2. Recruit volunteer musicians and artists from the congregation and community and assist with their smooth integration into various worship services.
  3. Helps plan and develop a high-quality worship arts department in collaboration with the directors, church staff, volunteers, and the congregation with the goal of building a foundation of worship leadership for all ages, and engaging people in varying artistic styles, genres, and mediums.
  4. Produce a level of excellence with audio, video, lighting, and other technologies to provide each worship service elements that engage the congregation.
  5. Collaborate with Technology Director to cast vision and implement AVL improvements in worship spaces.
  6. Facilitate communication with pastors and staff to provide technical support on a weekly basis.
  7. Meets regularly with each director to discuss and further develop the departments.
  8. Communicates with the clergy about worship and pastoral care issues, responding directly when appropriate and helping foster mutual care among participants in the various worship ministries.



  1. Must be eighteen years of age or older.
  2. Must pass a background check and complete FUMC Safe Sanctuaries training.
  3. Manage confidential and sensitive information with discretion. 
  4. Possess strong organizational, planning, and problem-solving skills. 
  5. Possess strong communication and interpersonal skills (verbal and written). 
  6. Possess an associate degree in music or be a current undergraduate.
  7. Possess basic music literacy skills and be able to sing or play an instrument.
  8. Posses some production experience in a ministry environment.
  9. Possess proficient music literacy skills.
  10. Possess a working knowledge of both Windows and Mac operating systems. 
  11. Possess basic knowledge of programs such as: Pro Presenter, Planning Center, Video Editing Software Basics, and/or similar software.


  1. Possess a bachelor’s degree in music.
  2. Possess strong technical AVL knowledge. 
  3. High level experience in at least one area: audio, video, or lighting. 
  4. One year of experience in a professional, arts-related position.
  5. Proficiency in playing an instrument, conducting, and music technology.
  6. Three years of audio, lighting, and/or video production work. 


Please contact Rev. Matt Langford if interested in applying.