Thank You!!

To all of you who so generously contributed to the purchase and installation of this incredible, new, live stream equipment, THANK YOU!

Our words will never be sufficient, but we aim to make you proud by being great stewards of your donations and reaching those who would not otherwise be able to worship, or may not otherwise come to our church building for worship. Our live stream vision is BIG, and we’re still in the process of getting some equipment in, and learning new techniques to improve what you see on your end…but none of this would be possible without your generosity!

Gifts from current members, an anonymous donor, designated funds, and even past church members who have gone to be with the Lord have made this possible. And we are so thankful to you all!

Maybe you didn’t play a part in the financial side, but you’re watching our live stream worship,… WE THANK YOU for supporting your church through these new and unforeseen circumstances. Your dedication to watch from home as we learn and change has been seen and we appreciate it. We hope you are being blessed by the worship experiences you can participate in at any time, from anywhere!

Please watch the video below, and know that WE APPRECIATE YOU.


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  1. A big thank you to the donors and the technicians! God Bless.

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