A Good Word 6/11/2020

In today’s devotion video, Jack explores the story of The Good Shepherd leaving the 99 sheep to rescue the one lost sheep. He connects this search and saving to the adoption/rescue of his dog, Scout. Rejoicing for the lost coming home doesn’t take anything away from the others; we can all rejoice at the one being brought home to join the flock.

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  1. What a moving lesson. You brought me to tears. Thank you, Jack.

  2. Ditto what Sue Hall said.
    What a sweet dog!
    I love these “mini sermons”. They have helped me so much during these tough times.
    Thanks to you all!

  3. Thank you Jack !

  4. A VERY GOOD word, Jack! SO thankthful to have been adopted into God’s family!!! Scout is precious!

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