A Good Word 3/26/2020

A Good Word from Rev. Lynn Smilie Nesbitt encouraging us persevere and finish the race before us.

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  1. hey, thanks to a phone call I made to check on Bo Hudson and during our conversation noted I was unable to hear the daily devotional on my computer, he was able to guide me to fix the issue and now I can hear. so make those phone calls, you never know where it might lead you. and wash those hands.

  2. We are so happy to see you back in “action” and are doing well. Thank you for this encouraging message in these uncertain times .

  3. Great job Lynn….these messages are wonderful especially during times of uncertainty! Thanks to our entire staff!

  4. Lynn, blessed by this inspiring Good Word.

  5. Thanks again, Lynn, for a great message !

  6. Thanks Lynn. We need these words at this time🙏🏻