A Good Word 3/18/2020

A Good Word from Dr. Jim Sanders suggesting to inhale faith; exhale fear.

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  1. Thanks, Jim. I listened to your good word in the middle of my preparation of a Sunday school lesson to tape Thursday for distribution Sunday. We miss gathering together in person, but we have resources to stay in touch with each other, and we can always stay in touch with God through prayer.

  2. Good word, thankful for you.

  3. Thanks for the message inhale faith exhale fear a good thing to practice. I really miss my church family these blogs really help. Thanks

  4. I beegan chemo this week for Chronic Lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and now have a new prayer focus! I first pray for the health care workers who are working so diligently to cure us AND keep us safe by adding to their workload the constant santizing of the area. And I pray for our Nation to turn to God. And, through my chemo treatments I am being lifted up by the acknowledgment of my fellow patients by their faith. We ARE Inhaling Faith and Exhaling fear! What a wonderful mantra!
    I’m loving these daily devotionals!

  5. Thank you Doc! I am inhaling faith and exhaling fear at this moment!! Thanks for keeping us in the Church!

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