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First United Methodist Church Endowment Fund

“Bring the full tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in my house, and thus put me to the test, says the Lord of hosts, see if I will not open up the window of heaven for you and pour down for you overflowing blessing.”     Malachi 3:10

Endowment Fund

The First United Methodist Church of Dothan Endowment Trust Fund (hereafter known as The Fund) was established in 1993 to encourage members and others to make lasting gifts to the church.

How It Works

Your charitable tax deductible gift will be pooled with other gifts into the fund. The principle
will not be spent, but will continue to grow through donations such as yours, while the interest earned by The Fund will be used to support ministries of the church. Gifts may be as small as $10.00 or as large as the donor desires. Your gift will be invested for the benefit of the First United Methodist Church of Dothan.

The Fund is intended for purposes that may not be funded through the annual operating budget of the church. These include:

  • Mission Funds (for missions in and beyond the local community)
  • Building Funds (for capital maintenance, improvements, acquisitions, and construction of physical facilities)
  • General Endowment Funds (for special needs and ministries as determined by the Trustees)Use of The Fund is determined by the Trustees.

 Ways to Give

There are many ways for you to give an endowment gift that continues to give. Please consider one of the following:
Cash Contribution
Donate cash as a gift to The Fund.

Bequest In Your Will
Working with your attorney, add The Fund as a beneficiary of your will after the bequests (to children, family members) have been fulfilled, or as a residuary beneficiary in the event others named in the will do not survive you.

Stock, Bonds, Real Estate, Or Other Securities
Make a gift of appreciated stocks held long term as defined by the internal revenue code, and receive a tax deduction of the securities. You may also avoid paying some capital gains taxes by gifting appreciated securities, real estate and other real property valued on the date the gift was given.

Life Insurance
You can make the Fund the beneficiary, or residual beneficiary of your life insurance policy.

For any of the above, be aware that state or federal law may impose certain restrictions or
requirements. Consult your attorney, financial planner, or insurance agent for assistance.

How Your Gifts Help
Because the principle is never spent, the income from The Fund will always be available for special
needs of the church not covered by the general operating budget, thus your gift will always continue to bless the church and community, even beyond your lifetime.

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