United Methodist Children's Home White Christmas

Each year during the Christmas season, we are reminded there is no greater joy for us than giving to others. Since 1930, the White Christmas Offering has enabled Methodists to share their blessings with those whose circumstances in life just haven’t been fair. These children and young adults certainly didn’t sign up to be in the situation they’re in and with your support, they have the hope of a much brighter tomorrow.



If you would like to be a part of this wonderful Christmas ministry and would like to help in any way with any of the events that you see listed below, please email Brad Price at brad@fumcdothan.org or call the church office at 793-3555.

Wednesday, December 4th
“A Meal and Merry Melodies” Fundraiser and Dinner.
Music by Children and Tween Ministries
Fellowship Hall • 4:45 to 6:15
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Friday, December 6th
Youth Shopping Day

Saturday, December 7th
Confirmation Class Shopping Day
Each group will use shopping lists that are vetted and collected by The Harbor.

Sunday, December 8th
Wrapping Day
Volunteers Needed!
Gym • 2:30

Wednesday, December 18th
Christmas Dinner with The Harbor
Fellowship Hall at 5:30
We will have all of the children and their families join us for dinner at FUMC. We will have a meal together, hear the Christmas story, and distribute the gifts to the children. This is a wonderful event and we hope that you will be a part of it.

***You can donate online or by sending any money to FUMC through the mail, in the offering plate, by hand delivery, or by donating at the fundraising dinner.***

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